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  Free Flight Airport

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Shade hangar from $170/month to $250/month, and tie-downs $95/month (plus 7% sales tax)

About FreeFlight Airport
FreeFlight Airport was developed in the late 1960s, and runway licensed by the Florida Dept. of Transportation Aviation Division in 1976. Frank Arenas bought the airport in 1995 and extended the runway to 4,170 feet by 150 feet wide - now one of the longest private turf airstrips in Florida.

FreeFlight Airport | 2FA6 | is a private airport located in the heart of Central Florida. It offers the opportunity to fly year round in the beautiful Florida weather. Conveniently located seven minutes from Florida's Turnpike, and ten minutes from Interstate 75, access to this beautiful Airport is quick and convenient. Whether your interest is commercial hangar space for your business, or a place to store all of your toys, the development of FreeFlight Airport is an exciting opportunity for all.


FreeFlight Airport's close proximity to major highways, Interstate 75 and Florida's Turnpike, is a strong contributing factor to FreeFlight's attractive location.

The Villages FreeFlight is within minutes of the world's largest retirement community, The Villages®, one of the nation's fastest-growing communities, with over 118,000 residents, enjoying an average income nearly double the US average. The Villages® has created a local economy able to support 33 executive golf courses and 11 Country Clubs. Nearly every major retailer has located in the area.

FreeFlight is only 5 minutes from The Villages'® latest town square, Brownwood Paddock Square, featuring live music, dancing, a variety of restaurants and retail shops, 8-screen movie theater, and more! (View the directory.) What's more, FreeFlight Airport is only 1 minute from The Villages' brand new village, The Village of Fenney.

Light Sport Aviation

FreeFlight was an early advocate of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) that allows pilots to fly without a medical – Only a drivers license is required. Frank bought his X-Air LSA in 2008 and used it as the flying club LSA for 6 years.

FreeFlight has a new club in formative stage - Village Pilot's Association is in the process of ferrying a Cessna 172 from Canada to Coleman. The aircraft will be available for club members for $120/HR plus $40/month club dues. Contact Frank for info - (352) 748-6629 or

Airport monthly open house and pilot gathering are the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. in the white Flight Ops office at 1511 Taylor Ave., Coleman, FL 33521-0600 - the public is invited.

Please come meet local pilots, check out our new hangars and have some coffee - we love meeting new pilots and aviation lovers!"

FreeFlight Airport is naturally geared for Skydiving Operations. With an established Permanent NoTAM to 15,000 ft. and a 5 mile radius as well as it's accessibility from both I-75 and Florida's Turnpike, FreeFlight is an attractive skydiving destination.

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Free Flight Airport