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Letter from the Developer

Fellow Pilots:

This new hangars development will essentially be modeled after the 58 units that we developed here at KMLB. The primary difference is that at 2FA6 you will own the land under the units where at KMLB, the hangars are on airport leased property on a 40 year ground lease. Each hangar will have a minimum 50' wide bi-fold electric overhead door. Each unit will be plumbed with potable water including a hose bib and each unit will be rough plumbed for a bathroom in the event that you wish to build out the restroom (this will be an upgrade feature that we will price separately if you wish to have us build that out for you at time of construction).

Each unit will have a nice amount of electrical circuits and lighting.

We will provide a list of upgrade features and pricing including such items as epoxy floor finishes, remote door actuators, extra insulation, Air conditioning, bathroom buildout, etc. in the very near future.

Phase 1A consists of 11 double nested "T" Hangars and 5 "Box" Hangars.

Of the 11 "T" Hangar units, 2 of them will be oversized (a natural artifact of nested T Hangar layouts) and 2 of them will be "XXL" units that will actually have a roll up style garage door in them so that you could literally pull your car into them without having to first pull your plane out (a really nice feature). The Box hangars will be 50'W x 40' deep (2000 sq. ft.). These units seem to be quite popular due to the added amount of storage space provided.

  • The Box unit base price is $199,900.
  • Typical Nested "T" price is $149,900.
  • XL "T" price (2 each) is $175,000.
  • XXL "T" (2 each) is $220,00 and this price includes the additional Roll Up style garage door and driveway paving.

A 5% Pre-Construction discount will be given to the first 5 buyers that sign a purchase contract and provide a 10% deposit check.

All of these units will be part of a Condo Association which will manage the units and provide for at a minimum the following items:

  1. Premises Liability Insurance
  2. Property Insurance for buildings
  3. Condo Board O&E insurance
  4. Ad Valorem Taxes (these taxed will likely be paid individually but are included in this monthly fee estimate to provide a consolidated monthly cost estimate). We have been told that these units will likely be considered agricultural units and if this is the case, the Ad Valorem taxes may be considerably less than the $1,103 annual budget used for this estimate).
  5. House Power for Security Lighting, etc.
  6. City/County Water for common water meter
  7. Grounds Maintenance
  8. Accounting
  9. Misc. Office Expenses
  10. Runway Maintenance
  11. Budget for repairs and maintenance on security gate, fencing,common elements, etc.

Total estimated monthly costs are $190/unit. This figure may be considerably less if we get the favorable tax rating we hope for. These costs may also decrease as more units are added to the association. The primary basis of this estimate for this figure is actual insurance estimates and actual maintenance and operating records from our hangar facility at KMLB.

Please feel free to reach out to me at either of my numbers below with any questions.


Thomas R. Brandon
President, Brandon Development Enterprises, Inc.
2090 W. Eau Gallie Blvd. Suite A
Melbourne, FL 32935
Phone: 321-757-3500
Cell: 321-863-0131

Free Flight Airport