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  Free Flight Airport
FreeFlight Airport - 2FA6
1511 Taylor Ave.
Coleman, FL 33521-0600
(One mile from The Villages, Central Florida.)
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(352) 748-6629


Typical Co-Joined Hangars at MLB

After nine years of engineering, planning, zoning approvals, land use meetings etc., Frank obtained land use approvals for 200 aircraft hangars. The Villages just bought several thousand acres and surrounded FreeFlight Airport - the new Village of Fenney is one mile from the runway.

Pilots are moving from all over the US and bringing their aircraft here and calling for hangar space. We have the land to accommodate them. Total airport acreage is 63 acres MOL.

We are looking for pilot builders/developers that can take this unrestricted private airport to the next level of aviation excellence. Real Estate Brokers protected.

Typical Co-Joined Hangars at MLB

This is a preliminary plan for 42 T and box hangars on 5 acres:
Site Plan for 42 T and Box Hangars

This is an approved plan for 60 - 50x50 Box hangars on individual lots. Or, it will handle about 80 co-joined hangars - permits are valid until 2020:
Site Plan for 60 Box or 80 Co-Joined Hangars

This is a master conceptual plan for all the land filled with hangars: Master Conceptual Plan

Contact Frank: (352) 748-6629

Free Flight Airport